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Recliner[_3_] Yesterday 10:39 AM
[email protected] January 17th 17 09:27 AM
Given the number of ticket office closures thats a lot of redundant equipment. Are they all still sitting behind the shutters in case a future mayor changes his mind, been repurposed for something else or just been sent for scrap? -- Spud
Basil Jet[_4_] January 16th 17 07:49 PM
The new bridge allowing room for OLE on the Goblin opened a while back. Given that cost-cutting measures on the Borders Railway in Scotland led to it having several bridges that only allow a single track beneath them, I was astonished to see that the Wightman Road bridge looks to be long enough for three tracks. Watching videos in Youtube, the adjacent ECML bridge has a span over both...
Offramp January 16th 17 03:51 PM
How long has Bank Junction been called Bank Junction? I had never heard the phrase until a few days before the taxi drivers' clagged it up. I had never heard the phrase, but wikipedia has a picture with the caption, "Bank junction pictured on a Sunday in April 1961." Small j there, of course. And was that Junction the great Wren's idea? Not one of his best if it was. A tiny little area where no...
Jarle Hammen Knudsen January 15th 17 04:17 PM
Is this in London? If so, where? https://goo.gl/photos/FmZKU7zbA5u9hTEe8 It's from Lovejoy series 3, episode 10, first broadcast in 1992. -- jhk
[email protected] January 13th 17 10:37 AM
I arrived at Liverpool St at 17:50 last night on my way to an event in Russell Square. Although it was pretty unpleasant in the rain I cycled as I usually do, mostly along Newgate Street/High Holborn. The traffic was really weird though. I turned from Old Broad St into London Wall to find total gridlock. Not a huge problem on a bike but quite a bit slower than usual. It was the same all the...
Basil Jet[_4_] January 12th 17 10:19 PM
In Paddington H&C yesterday I noticed that the large touch-screen tube map is flanked on either side by a large pod containing a screen permanently displaying the wheelchair tube map, and another large pod with a screen permanently displaying the bike-allowing tube map http://content.tfl.gov.uk/bicycles-on-public-transport.pdf. They seem to have forgotten that sticking a poster on the wall...
Recliner[_3_] January 11th 17 09:36 AM
I didn't see this coming: National Express is to sell its last remaining UK rail franchise to Trenitalia, for about £70m: http://www.railmagazine.com/news/network/italian-operator-to-buy-c2c
Recliner[_3_] January 10th 17 12:50 AM
https://50skyshades.com/news/business-aviation/bliss-jet-to-launch-laguardia-to-london-private-jet-service-in-january This looks like the next dead cert failure. A genuinely private business jet that flies when and where you want it to is one thing, but a shared, scheduled weekly service in a small, cramped business jet to Stansted is another, particularly at higher than first class fares....
[email protected] January 9th 17 01:55 PM
In article -september ..org, (Recliner) wrote: tim... wrote: "Recliner" wrote in message -september.org... Does anyone know what the latest strike us about? Is it another
Recliner[_3_] January 9th 17 08:29 AM
Does anyone know what the latest strike us about? Is it another political one, or do they have a legitimate case? If it's about the closed ticket offices, surely it's a bit late for that? It seems to be less well supported than expected, as LU is running many more services than predicted.
Recliner[_3_] January 7th 17 04:54 PM
London Reconnection has an interesting article on the reborn Johnston100 typeface. I hadn't realised how the familiar font has gradually evolved over the last century, and now it returns to its roots, but brought up to date in many ways: http://www.londonreconnections.com/2016/new-typeface-underground-johnston-100/
eastender[_5_] January 6th 17 02:24 PM
Thousands of frustrated commuters in Hackney are having their journeys disrupted every single day as Overground trains bound for Highbury and Islington terminate early without warning. Operator Transport for London (TfL) is blaming under-fire Southern Rail for the problems, which have spiked in the last month with 392 of the 11,806 trains affected - or 3.5 per...
[email protected] January 5th 17 02:08 PM
In article -septembe r.org, (Recliner) wrote: wrote: In article , (Basil Jet) wrote: Apparently the Euston to Watford line has had 4-car trains ordered. At the moment, UIVMM, it has 5-car trains. Is it going to switch from
Recliner[_3_] January 5th 17 12:47 AM
I saw this pic on Twitter, taken by a Met police copter: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C1W_dwIWEAA5yxV?format=jpg&name=large Could that be the new Tube station under construction on the left side of the image?
Basil Jet[_4_] January 4th 17 03:29 PM
/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sIwkwsUNKRQPjryB7ly2fiA!2e0?force=lite Just west of the road bridge at Crouch Hill Station is a tower which comes from track level approximately up to the height of the parapet. On the top is a horizontal wheel on a pedestal which looks like it might operate a pump or sluice. What is it?
Basil Jet[_4_] January 4th 17 03:04 PM
Apparently the Euston to Watford line has had 4-car trains ordered. At the moment, UIVMM, it has 5-car trains. Is it going to switch from 3tph to 4tph at the exact same time as the new stock starts? Even so, 15 cars per hour to 16 cars per hour is a very modest increase, especially when the increased frequency will increase usage (mostly at the expense of the Bakerloo). I wonder why they...
Roland Perry January 2nd 17 08:44 PM
http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/sadiq-khan-london-mayor- boris-bus-scrap-boris-johnson-legacy-double-decker-routemasters- a7505391.html -- Roland Perry
[email protected] December 30th 16 10:59 PM
I still have an Oyster card i bought in 2010 is it still good?
Basil Jet[_4_] December 28th 16 04:16 PM
/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s8tPG7XxGdL82pd8y9j3APA!2e0?force=lite Does anyone know why the bridge carrying the LU eastbound lines (left) is so much higher than the bridge carrying the LU westbound lines (centre), and why the Chiltern lines (right) are slightly lower again. The lines look to be roughly level with each other at Kilburn station to the east and at Forty Avenue to the west, which are...
[email protected] December 23rd 16 05:11 PM
In article , (e27002 aurora) wrote: On Mon, 19 Dec 2016 07:25:43 -0600, wrote: In article , d () wrote: I never really got the rationalle behind cutting the bakerloo back to harrow.
Recliner[_3_] December 22nd 16 01:26 PM
People who use the Chiltern, LU or LO lines through West Hampstead have probably noticed a thicket of new buildings rising in the thin triangular sliver of land between the LU and LO tracks. The only entrance to the narrow site is on West End Lane, between the LU and LO station entrances. The Bing views haven't been updated, which lets us see what the site looked like before the redevelopment;...
[email protected] December 20th 16 12:37 PM
Hi, I am Mithila. I am facing Noisy problem. My upstairs are very rude and always play loud music in my sleeping time. I feel always disturb for them. I need help. Need solution. What should I do now?? Should I complaint to authorities or take revenge? Any here have done anything effective? Thanks
John Leach December 13th 16 12:44 PM
A blog that I read (diamond geezer) had a posting today where tfl's business plan was published last week was mentioned. http://content.tfl.gov.uk/board-20161215-item09-tfl-business-plan.pdf It no longer contains the Metropolitan line extension to Watford Junction. The only listed projects are the Bakerloo line extension to Lewisham, the Northern line extension to Battersea and the London...
tim... September 18th 16 09:07 AM
came into my in box via my linkedin account https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/uber-bleeding-death-jared-carmel-2 posted without comment (for now) tim
Recliner[_3_] May 27th 16 03:58 PM
As I'm sure most people know, the GOBLIN line is soon to be electrified, and there will be partial and complete closures starting from tomorrow. It will be completely closed from 24 Sep to Feb 2017. It will then reopen, presumably still using the current DMUs, until the electrification is complete a few months later, and the new 4-car Aventras arrive in...
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Simon Robinson November 18th 16 06:39 PM
Hi - new to this. Can anyone help us identify the underground station in the background of this photo from 1939? There is a bridge carrying the line over the street. Looks like a tram or trolleybus route as well. I acn't upload a better version but could send a bigger scan if anyone needs more detail! Thanks.
Robin9 July 16th 11 04:27 PM
What is an invalid thread? I ask because I have received an email from London Banter advising me that someone has posted a reply to a earlier post of mine. When I click on the provided link, I am taken to a message which tells me the thread is invalid. Even more mysteriously, I cannot find the thread in the main index even though people were posting a day ago! What is going on?
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