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Basil Jet[_4_] December 3rd 16 01:13 AM
[email protected] December 2nd 16 05:27 PM
In article -september ..org, (Recliner) wrote: Recliner wrote: Roland Perry wrote: In message -septe mber.org, at 17:10:41 on Sat, 5 Nov 2016, Recliner
[email protected] December 2nd 16 03:48 PM
Happened in Kingston this morning. I saw it shortly after they put the fire out, the back of the bus was pretty much melted and the whole area stank of burning plastic. It was a 371 from Richmond way, only the driver on board luckily. He was reated for smoke inhalation. http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/local-news/kingston-bus-fire-see-london-12262350 Neill
Basil Jet[_4_] December 2nd 16 04:04 AM
Turkey Street station is being rebuilt... or maybe built is more appropriate. But about a month ago, when they had built the roof and installed glass in about a third of the structure, they stopped and have not progressed since. I doubt that it's weather related.. Does anyone know what's happening? Since it's been an Overground station for a while now, I presume it's manned the whole time,...
Offramp November 30th 16 01:32 PM
There is a big lump of aluminium at Euston that everyone is refusing to take ownership of. It depicts a rabbit sleeping under a game of Tetris. It is by the same Scottish geezer who did those clever pictures made of tiny tiles at Tottenham Court Road. The huge lump of aluminium is titled Piscator and it is rotting, apparently. I didn't know that aluminium rotted, I thought it - dissociated?...
Recliner[_3_] November 24th 16 12:53 PM
Recliner[_3_] November 23rd 16 03:43 PM
Apologies for yet another related thread, but I visited Tramlink yesterday and travelled to all of its termini; I took a few pictures, probably best discussed in a separate thread: https://www.flickr.com/photos/recliner/albums/72157676976959855 Some comments: - Accident site damage
Recliner[_3_] November 23rd 16 01:56 PM
Apologies for yet another thread about the Croydon tram crash, but I visited it yesterday and took a few pictures which should probably be discussed in a different thread: https://www.flickr.com/photos/recliner/albums/72157676976959855 A few observations: - Not surprisingly, the trams were running quite slowly, always well below the posted speed limits. They never got near the 80 km/h limit
Recliner[_3_] November 23rd 16 10:16 AM
I'm regularly seeing tweets from the Piccadilly Line that say that there's a shortage of available trains. Is this some newly discovered technical problem, or the result of union action? This fleet is regularly reported as LU's most reliable. Here's an example from this morning: "Apologies for the gaps in the service, this is due to lack of available trains. Our staff are working hard to...
Recliner[_3_] November 21st 16 10:38 PM
From: http://www.rssb.co.uk/industry-news/platform-gap-filler-trial-reduces-incidents-at-platform-train-interface Quote: Platform gap filler trial reduces incidents at platform/train interface ​A trial by Heathrow Express to use gap fillers has significantly reduced the number of incidents at the platform/train interface (PTI). RSSB will use the evidence from this trial to update standard...
burfordTjustice[_2_] November 20th 16 12:46 PM
Tram driver suspended after being caught on video asleep at the wheel https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2220460/tram-driver-suspended-after-shocking-video-showed-him-asleep-at-the-wheel-just-days-after-croydon-tram-crash-killed-seven/
Michael R N Dolbear November 16th 16 11:13 PM
"MB" wrote It's too easy just to check you can see a picture from the camera and assume it is recording. Which is why there needs to be a system in place to check at some regular interval that they are recording and that the recordings are archived properly with that being logged. The interim report says
Offramp November 16th 16 10:51 AM
I don't know if this link will work... https://surfaceplaybook.onelondon.tfl.local/arcgis/home/webmap/viewer.html?webmap=ee4f3fc8c8604ade8ed6c5b69efb08ff "London’s roads are diverse, ranging from quiet residential streets to traffic-dominated A-roads, from calm pedestrianised lanes to bustling high streets. This network carries over 21 million trips every day, yet also provides 80 per cent of...
Basil Jet[_4_] November 14th 16 04:07 PM
The online night tube map doesn't show the Northern Line yet, even though it will start this Friday, so a night tube map that shows J+C+V but no N stopped being meaningful on Sunday morning... Pull your finger out, TfL!
Robin9 November 14th 16 12:41 PM
I've just noticed an interesting anomaly on the Freedom Pass Map which can be viewed on or downloaded from the Internet. On each route the last station within the Freedom Pass area is shown with a grey line projecting onwards; the grey line being a route where free travel is never available. Understandably, no stations are designated on the grey lines. There is a single, misleading...
Optimist November 12th 16 08:05 PM
The live Map of London Underground Trains is brilliant but every so often on moving trains are shown where there are no lines. Like through the middle of Hyde Park. Very odd. http://traintimes.org.uk/map/tube/
[email protected] November 9th 16 10:20 AM
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-37919658 At a rough guess I'd say it went around a curve way too fast. -- Spud
Basil Jet[_4_] November 8th 16 04:30 PM
Recliner[_3_] November 5th 16 05:10 PM
I see "transport expert" Christian Wolmar has been chosen as Labour candidate next month's Richmond Park by-election. He also stood to be Labour's candidate for London mayor, where he came fifth out of six candidates, so this is an improvement, and he now does get to take on Zac Goldsmith. But his chances of becoming an MP are low (Labour only had 12.3% of the vote last...
Graham Harrison[_3_] November 4th 16 07:22 PM
I know the Circle is no longer advertised as a circle but do any trains actually do the circle? I was on a Hammersmith and City last Friday from Liverpool Street to Hammersmith but at Edgware Road it became a Circle Line (didn't worry me since my destination was Paddington). Is it just an occasional, unpredictable, change or are there any trains actually scheduled to make the complete circle...
[email protected] October 28th 16 01:46 PM
My 3-year Senior Railcard expired on Tuesday so on Monday I renewed it online. It turns out they add a week to the renewal expiry date for online renewals to allow for posting the cards out. The new card actually arrived in the post on Tuesday. Yesterday I tried to register the railcard on my Oyster card at a ticket machine at Liverpool St station. When the assistant typed in the 01/11/2019...
[email protected] October 15th 16 04:05 PM
I at first thought that this was another civilian writing about Mail Rail, though it appears as though this line actually exists. http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2016/10/theres-only-a-10-mile-hidden-monorail-under-london/ https://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2016/10/12/the-private-monorail-tunnel-under-north-london/
Robin9 September 3rd 16 11:23 AM
My car insurance company has sent me an epistle that suggests that Uber are no longer having everything their way: QUOTE: Cab comparison app Karhoo launched in London two months ago and already it claims to be twice the size of its nearest competitor. The company states it is giving the Capitals consumers more choice and drivers more work.
Recliner[_3_] May 27th 16 03:58 PM
As I'm sure most people know, the GOBLIN line is soon to be electrified, and there will be partial and complete closures starting from tomorrow. It will be completely closed from 24 Sep to Feb 2017. It will then reopen, presumably still using the current DMUs, until the electrification is complete a few months later, and the new 4-car Aventras arrive in...
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Simon Robinson November 18th 16 06:39 PM
Hi - new to this. Can anyone help us identify the underground station in the background of this photo from 1939? There is a bridge carrying the line over the street. Looks like a tram or trolleybus route as well. I acn't upload a better version but could send a bigger scan if anyone needs more detail! Thanks.
Robin9 July 16th 11 04:27 PM
What is an invalid thread? I ask because I have received an email from London Banter advising me that someone has posted a reply to a earlier post of mine. When I click on the provided link, I am taken to a message which tells me the thread is invalid. Even more mysteriously, I cannot find the thread in the main index even though people were posting a day ago! What is going on?
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